Saturday, December 19, 2009

Well, well, well....

Very, very interesting to read all the comments online and hear all the buzz about the newest Tiger trash.

If you've been here on the site and read my previous posting about over-paid sport's stars, endorsements included, then you may have noticed that my posting was well before any of this news about Tiger Woods and his beautiful wife Elin surfaced.

How appropriate to see the story unfolding so soon after my last post.

Personally, I've never cared for this guy, simply because of what I call his "attitude" both on and off the course. Having read many of his comments online captured by astute journalists, he often came across as a patronizing know-it-all to me.

But, what I think we forget some times, especially when the subject is a major celebrity or sport's star, is they are simply human like the rest of us.

"Let those who have never sinned cast the first stone.." or something to that effect, I remember from my younger days when my family tried cramming religion down my throat. But hey, that little saying is true. Nobody can effectively argue with that statement.

Another is, "Walk a mile in a man's shoes before you judge him..." yet another that makes me stop and think.

Wood's problem is he is a golf superstar.

He's a handsome racial minority who rose through adversity and became a self-made man.

Beautiful wife, darling kids, perfect teeth, dresses well, toned muscles, tendency for privacy that many could easily understand...what a smoke screen huh? Oh well, not in my book to criticize the guy who's done nothing more than many of us have done, myself included.

I've always said that sports, as an entertainment entity, pays it's participants too much. Bring those salaries (and endorsements) down to earth, funnel the money into much more needed areas like the homeless, cancer research, AIDS and STD prevention, and most likely you'll see less bong hitting, pit bull fighting, and other vices that come with astronomical salaries...but you probably won't see a reduction in spousal fidelity because that's as old as the worlds oldest profession....

Very sad that a guy like him could have come so far, and just about have it all, and trash it like he did.

Privacy? As a super star? Come on, tiger cub...get real!



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