Saturday, March 07, 2009

Just as promised, I've added some new content to this old, stale blog.  WEIRD BUGS OF THAILAND is my first new addition, replete with interesting pictures of some pretty weird bugs Mam and I have found in and around our home here in Southern Thailand.  

If you take a gander at the left column you'll find my new addition, "AMAZING THAILAND" with my new addition, "WEIRD BUGS OF THAILAND."  Or you can just click HERE to check out the weird and wonderful world of Jeeem and Mam's bugs.  

As I mention on this new site, I'm no entomologist, but if some of you who happen to surf onto my site are, or you know somebody who is, please leave a message and tell me the name of these bugs.  Wikipedia we're not, but it might be interesting to some readers.  

Thanks, and enjoy!


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