Saturday, June 07, 2008

Hello everybody!

I'm publishing this post from my usual Internet Cafe in Hat Yai.

I've been trying to post to my blog for well over two weeks now, but only lately found out that Thailand's Government is now pulling the same gag as when I was living in China, and blocking access to So, I've managed to enter through a back door but have lost all the "buttons" that gave me the capability to post pictures, etc., so until I figure out a way to better access this site, or our new paranoid government decides to lift the blocks on sites such as this one and begin allowing us to have some freedom, I'm going to be severely handicapped in my postings.

My "New" news was a rather large posting I had prepared (complete with pictures) regarding my recent hospitalization.

In a nut shell, I had a minor accident at home which graced me with a couple of left lower leg wounds, which after some time became severely infected to the point of tissue necrosis. I ended up in the hospital, had surgery for debridement of my wounds, and was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes.

Turns out I was having symptoms of diabetes all along, but having had considerable medical training in my past life and being a terrifically lousy patient, I chose to ignore these symptoms, which led to my infected, poor healing wounds.

After two weeks and two days in the hospital, I am finally home and also back to work, but I have to come to Hat Yai every Saturday morning to Rajyindee Hospital so my surgeon can check my wound and my Internal Medicine physician can manage my diabetes.

I still have a baseball sized open wound on my left lower leg, with about a dime sized area of bone exposed. I change my own dressings twice daily and my surgeon is waiting for the tissue to completely cover the bone before he makes a decision whether or not to do a skin graft.

Hopefully I'll post more later and will keep checking to see if the Thai government has come to their senses.



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