Friday, November 19, 2004

Hello to all of you!

I want to thank everybody for the warm e-mails and concern during my recent absence, however, I am was my laptop that was sick. The computer tech said the mother board was toast, and then presented me with several options. One option was to replace the mother board, an expensive endeavor as Dell parts from the U.S. don't come cheap. The next option was to buy a used Dell and exchange the hard drive. Final option was naturally to buy a new computer.

Well, I took option "B" and purchased a Dell Latitude (which I affectionately call my "Dell Attitude) Pentium 3, which easily accepted my old hard drive and after some parts exchanges (RAM chips, etc.) I was in business!

Price? 19,000 Baht (about $473.00 U.S.)

Not too shabby overall. Anyways, I'm finally B-A-C-K like a bad case of indigestion.

My trip to Koh Phi Phi Don was.....well.......okay. Not really my cup of tea actually. More for the jet set and the very wealthy. Extremely hot, crowded, too commercialized and too expensive, although I did manage to have a good time. Spent 6000 baht for the trip and spent 8000 baht on the island.

Not to get into too much detail here, if you're interested, check out my review on Virtual Tourist dot com. Will get pictures posted as soon as I can, although I must admit that I really didn't take all that many.

I'm back to work again and loving it. The kids are wonderful and the classes are going well. Our rainy season here seems to have petered out and we are left with sunny, hot and humid days. I'm managing to get out and about around the village more and I really hope to begin taking some more pictures as soon as I can, for all to see.

Enough for now....I've got to get back to answering all my e-mails that have piled up during my absence. I'll post again soon.



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