Saturday, March 15, 2003

Just a quick note of thanks to the folks who bent over backwards to help me out on my college research paper. My project was a success and brought me a top grade. Although it wasn't the most popular presentation, it surely was a pleasure and a learning experience for me. Learning about cross-cultural communication has always been an interest to me and the material you all came up with showed me just how diverse this world is, even when it comes to speaking English, the universal language.

Special thanks goes out to Chris in Belfast, Annie in Kuala Lumpur, Sasha in Taipei, Benjamin in Accra, Angie in Cumbria, Vangie in Joburg, Youngtack in Seoul, Rampyari in Muscat, Jenni in Michigan, Colin in Sydney and finally Kimie in Tokyo. If I left anyone out, blame my addled brain. You all were such an incredible help to me that you will just never know how much I appreciate it.

For those of you out there who are interested in this delightful subject, the oddities of language, including slangs, dialects, symbols and the like, you can always do a Google search as there is a ton of info on the net. Or you can peruse Zebulon Mysterioso's site (sorry folks but I cannot disclose his's TOP SECRET) for his threaded discussions about cross-cultural communication. Plus, if I have the time, I think I might add a little of the info I found, to this blog site at a later date.

See ya and thanks again!!



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