Friday, February 21, 2003

NyQuiland Haze


This stuff ought to be illegal...

It's that time again, flu season. I held out as long as I could but misery won over and I found myself coursing down the massive isle at Rite Aid, confused with the myriad of colorfully labeled cures lining the shelves, promising immediate, if not sooner, relief from my pounding headache, achy feeling, running nose, sore throat and nagging cough.

Have you ever spent any real time looking these things over? Tons of them. Powders you dissolve in warm water, pills you swallow, liquids you drink, liquid capsules, sprays, syrups, lozenges, tabs, caps, extra-strength, extended release, double action, TM, DM, PM, AM....holy crap!

So I reached for the MOTHER of all CURES.


The mother of all cures....yessiree! I'm sitting here, nose running, waiting for the NyQuil® to take effect and I decide to do a Google search of this fine liquid of the Gods...and what do I find, but a discussion board, called RateItAll - The Opinion Network with the subject NyQuil®. Some guy with a handle of "dragonShroom" (now that was a dead giveaway) writes this:

"Nyquil is the Greatest Pill known to man ... well besides merniol but thats another story ... If I wanna sleep, I take like 6 or 7 Nyquil and I am Out for a few days. This stuff really messes u up I love it ... I take it everynight!!!!"

dragonShroom....yeah, I think I partied with that dude once.



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