Wednesday, January 16, 2002

I have to come up with a research proposal. Suddenly, my busy mind is bare blank. Funny phenomenon that is. Perhaps I should pretend I don't have to do a damn thing and I will come up with something. I have thought about doing a research project on the efficacy of road crossing in the squirrel population.

The other day I was coming home and saw something in the road. Slowing down as I approached the object, I realized it was a grey squirrel. There he (or she) was, flat out on his back, bushy tail splayed out and his little paws up in the air. He was in the middle of the road. The thought crossed my mind, "What an insult to wildlife," here is this beautiful little animal, lying in the middle of the road, awaiting the final insult of a huge snow tire to squish any remaining life out of him and spread him out over the tarmac.

I began to ponder human existence. What is our final insult? To be riddled with bullets while out of our environment in a foreign country fighting a war that shouldn't be happening? Lying on a hospital bed eaten up with disease? Wandering from room to room, out of our minds with Alzheimers? Dragging our cardboard box from alley to alley in search of safety and solace in our homeless predicament? Lying in a snowbank, clutching our chest with a snow shovel by our side?

I wanna go out in style. I like the squirrel idea for a research project. How does one interview a squirrel? -Jeeem-


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