Wednesday, November 13, 2002

Eminem a.k.a. Slim Shady

All that name brings to mind is Enema and I think this kid needs a good one. Rap isn't my thing and I could care less about some hooded, tattooed gringo singing ghetto grunge from Detroit, but one can hardly miss the promo's on this kid lately. He's made it BIG in the movie world and they say his new movie has netted $5.4 million so far.

Eminem or "Enema" whichever you prefer, was born Marshall Bruce Mathers III and is also known as Slim Shady. He is a white, foul-mouthed rapper from Detroit. I recently saw him on MTV, undergoing an interview and without even knowing who he was, I wanted to knock his freakin' head in, just listening to him. He's nothing but a punk who THINKS he knows it all and puts on this embarrassing tough air about himself, which is only gonna buy him some pain down the road.

But each his own, right? Besides, I predict this stupid punks fame will be his demise. We'll read about either drug abuse, jail or a drive by shooting, to end his pathetic existence. When you flaunt your toughness, you usually aren't tough to begin with and there will always be somebody out there to try and knock you off your pedestal.

Good riddance Enema!




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