Monday, November 04, 2002

Alright, alright.....

What am I going to do?

Despite popular belief that I am going to be found frozen to the side of the road somewhere, bearded and homeless, I do have a plan. I am cashing in my retirement package for the state and buying into a review course to renew my nursing license. Being unemployed will free me up to finish the course in record time, probably four months, which will give me my much needed break and allow me to refocus.

Aside from my constant ranting and ravings against money versus self-respect or freedom, the above action will more than double my salary. Poor me, right? Well, I do need to get an artesian well installed and finish up some things in the house before I sell the damn place and move. Yes, that is a plan too. My short-term goals, if they pan out, will lead to some long-term goals of selling the house and moving up north, possibly getting a nice, cushy supervisory nursing job in the future and freeing myself up to travel the rest of Asia and beyond.

I'm on a mission from God



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