Sunday, January 19, 2003

Okay, here goes....

For some darn reason, my blog seems to be S-T-R-E-T-C-H-I-N-G out, or not showing up at all. I didn't DO anything! Honest! Oh well, at least it can be read! Maybe, as my big Sis puts it, "It will probably reset sometime..." But being a wannabe perfectionist, this just bugs the crap outta me.

It's freezing here. Some unbelievable temperature out there, not fit for man nor beast. The air outside is filled with warm house vapor, steaming from the rooftops, not another movement anywhere and my pipes are frozen in the back of the house again. This morning I discovered a megacicle. An icecicle of HUGE proportions, clinging to my back roof. I called the Guinness Book of World Records and they say they are on their way. I'm not sure whether to leave it or chop the thing down. Oh, the joys of winter.

So I'm NextBlogging this morning, playing talent scout and surfing for a new blog to headline. Boring city. But have you noticed that blogs tend to run in themes? Well, at least I have. There's your:

Political Extremist Blog
Silly Teeny Bopper Blog
Preppy Blog
Complaining Blog
Bitching Blog
Gay Blog
Angry Headbanger Blog
College Life Blog
Musically Oriented Blog
Lonely Hearts Club Blog
"I've Just Broken Up With HIM and HATE Him" Blog
Country Life Blog
Sports Freak Blog
Brain Numbed City Blog
The common, "I Can't Get Two Words Down Without Typing A Profane Word" Blog
The even more common, "My Life Is Crap And There Is No Use Living So I'll Tell The World About It And Hopefully Someone Will Pity Me" Blog
Recipe Blog
Craft Blog
Family Blog
Work Related Blog
Cultural Blog
Foreign Language Blog (in various formats noted above)
Journalistic Blog
Traveling Blog
and for the life of me....the, "I dOn'T KnOw hOw oR wHy I CaN'T sEem To QuiT AltErnAtiNg BeTwEEn UpEer CaSe ANd LoWeR CaSe" Blog

Well anyway, I didn't find anything interesting out there. Usually, when I hit paydirt it's when I click on a link from somebody else's blog. My pal Benjamin who lives in Ghana just e-mailed me and told me he likes my site. That's cool. Guess I figured I'd scare him off with my off-center humor. I'm feeling a little philosophical today, so in pondering the meaning of life and other small theories, I query YOU, my philosophical reader.....

If one is NextBlogging and comes upon their own there a sound?



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