Saturday, January 04, 2003

Contrary to popular belief that all I do is sit around and play games all day, I DO study. On my breaks however......

You gotta check out this one called CITY JUMPER. If you liked Stick Death dot Com, you'll love this game! The Leader Board has it's usual ratings of players (typically young kids) who have reached unbelievable levels of anywhere from 35 to 115. I was lucky to get to level 9, but I'm sure with practice I'll double that.

Hey, I suck at online games, but this one is fun whether you win or lose. At least you get to severely mangle your jumper for kicks, if you want. Complete with blood spatter! Give it a try!!

On the weather front, we've gotten another six inches of snow over Wednesday night and now we're looking at another 12 to 18 inches by Saturday afternoon. It's snowing as I speak and already there is a good two inches or so on the ground. No worry though as I have my hot spiced cider here next to me and my fluffy slippers on.

Zippy and Zooey are just today venturing out into the house after a five day reign of terror with Cleo here. Cleo means well. Heck, she just wants to play with the kitties, but to a cat who hasn't seen a dog in a while, she represented THE BLACK MOP OF DEATH. So, with Cleo gone, the cats are now venturing out and once again claiming their space.

On the unemployment scene, I had my interview at the hospital and although it looks good and sounds good, I won't know until I hear from them. Sadly enough as it is, if this doesn't pan out, I may have to abandon this idea and hit the unemployment office. I never thought this was going to be easy but I never knew it would be this tough. Without Wanda, her girls, Sarah DA bomb, Cleo, Zippy and Zooey, my neighbors, my pals in town and a ton of cyber-friends all over the world backing me, I don't think I would have gotten this far.

So, coming into the weekend, I'm finishing up module five, beginning module six, tackling my assignments for my Interpersonal Communications class that begins Wednesday and striving for level fifteen in City Jumper.

Life is keep it simple.



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