Thursday, December 26, 2002


"Toto, I have a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore!" ....a common response to a Google Image Search.

Yep, you guessed it. The image above was culled from a Google Image Search titled, "Christmas Day."

Go figure.

So, how are all the little Christmas Campers out there? Good and happy I hope! Didja get everything ya wanted? I did. Actually, I would have been just as happy with a tree, Christmas lights, warmth and the realization that I finally have an awesome life, but I got a bonus instead....

A radio controled mini-Mercedez Benz!

Cool beans. Wanda really knows me....I'm just like a kid.

The cats will never be the same however; what with the plastic ball gun and the radio controlled car. Zippy has sought refuge in the loft somewhere whereas Zooey has a morbid curiosity with the two toys.

Wanda and the kids are off to Maine and planning to stay the evening and wait out the storm. Meanwhile, it's already been snowing here, covering everything with a dust of white. This is SO much better than having to get through Christmas in the southwest, without snow. I personally can't imagine Christmas without snow. The forecasters say we're gonna get hammered with snow today, begining sometime tonight. They say we'll get anywhere from six inches to two feet in some places, which is 15.24 Centimeters to 60.96 Centimeters for our International visitors. Cool beans.

So, are you all focused in on the twenty-four hour marathon of "A Christmas Story???" You better be if you're gonna answer my trivia questions! So far nobody has had the intestinal fortitude to try them out. And speaking of television shows.....has anyone seen "Trigger Happy TV"" on the Comedy Channel? Oh my God! I saw that show last night and thought I'd get a hernia from laughing so hard. I HIGHLY recommend it.

Well, it's late...2:38 p.m. and snowing hard outside. I'm gonna cook a nice hot meal and settle in for the storm and some good TV. Life is Good.

Merry Christmas everybody!



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