Thursday, December 19, 2002

Dave's back at it, this time with a vengeance, on"So bad it's Good." Must be his food subjects that are drawing a rather small herd of roaches to his site. I've heard of computer bugs, but this is an infestation.

In one short article he lists the ingredients found on a shopping list that was found lying on a shelf at the local supermarket. Now that's human curiosity for you. I know I've done it, picked up someone's shopping list left in a grocery cart and read it. Now what do you suppose the interest is there? Can you tell much about a person from their grocery list? It's rather anonymous don't you think? Do you think this qualifies with other personal invasions such as peeping or eaves dropping?

The list included VEGEMITE....

Well, I'm no Sherlock Holmes, but Vegemite is definitely Australian. So, one could assume.....oh hell, we all know Dave's from Australia so that's no big Whoop. But seeing the name "VEGEMITE" brought back a very vivid and noxious memory for me.

I once worked at a treatment center with a real, authentic, Australian lady. She was attractive, rather earthy and very, very in shape. After days of watching her spread the dark brown jam-like substance on an english muffin, I finally could not contain my curiosity any longer and asked what it was. "Vegemite Mate!" she said, (Dave also expounds on this phenomenon in his December 9th posting) and offered me some. I only ended up taking a tidbit on the end of a spoon because I couldn't seem to get my nose past the smell. It was simply awful.

That ausie woman didn't remain employed for very long as she lost her job for sleeping on duty, but I'll never forget the Vegemite experience. I suppose wherever you go, each region has a famous delicacy that outsiders cannot stomach. Mine, from the Texas - Mexico border, is Menudo. It's a tripe soup that is famed to be a hangover cure. It's actually quite delicious but most people can't seem to get past what's in it, to try it. An acquired taste I suppose.

If you want to learn a bit more about VEGEMITE from another perspective, go HERE.

Well, I was up late last night, blogging away like a madman, so it's time to go study. Make sure to check out Dave's new and improved site!




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