Tuesday, December 10, 2002

Crazy as a shithouse rat

This unemployed thing is for the birds. Especially when no money is coming in. For all those who care and are concerned.....SEND MONEY!. For all who only have a mild interest in my exploits, read on.

I'm done with module two of a twelve module theoretical review and moving on to module three. Hours of reading, reviewing, writing and doing practice tests is causing me to go crazy as a shithouse rat. I can't go anywhere cause I haven't got the money to purchase petrol and besides, it's too cold out.

Minus twenty degrees Fahrenheit at eight o'clock this morning (that's minus twenty-eight Celsius to the rest of ya'll). The static electricity around here could power this house. I've grown accustomed to zapping myself, discharging the remnants of my electric personality before sitting down to touch my computer keyboard and grounding myself before I touch a light switch. I don't care for electricity except when it's needed.

Zooey is getting along very well and getting quite friendly with me, following me all about the house and trying to help wherever she can. She won't know what to do if I ever go back to work again. Zippy seems happier with a companion now, albeit a bit worn out with all of Zooey's energy.

Well, not much to report here. Things are pretty boring....just sitting around waiting for the U.S. to go to war with Iraq, making chicken soup and studying, studying, studying....no eviction notices yet.



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