Sunday, February 10, 2002

Those English folks...blokes I guess you call them, use some pretty weird terms. Weird if you're a South western mexican-indian Texan living in New England. Peter of Naked Blog is talking about all sorts of mouse-rollers and quids (is that like calamari?) and the like. Guess I better brush up on my english terms if I'm gonna travel there and try and understand those bloody blokes. Jeez, I better be careful using some of these terms as I don't know what's a flaming slam and what isn't.

Hey! Youse guys should chill an stan up wit the hommies. Don be talkin' no jive shit an jammin me up now. Stone col mo fo's. Brits should learn how ta talk right and not all crazy an shit. Heck, up here in New England you can travel two hundred miles and hear dialects that ya don't even understand. Mainiacs are the worst. Boston accents like "Paaak da caw in Haaavaad yaaaad fa a quaaaata" are not as bad as you think when ya got so many different cultures in one inner city. I always have trouble when I take the T from Wellington station into Boston and can't understand the Metro guys behind the bulletproof glass. "Aighty sens maaaan. Yo gots ta puut da cown in da slats maaan." Holy crap. The worlds a meltin' pot maaan! -Jeeem-


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