Saturday, February 23, 2002

Have you read, "Dominique Goes on a Job Interview," lately? It's a good read and very detailed but it leaves you hanging. Did she actually take the damn job or not? Last I remember she was crying on a park bench. Perhaps I've missed something.

Dominique mentions wondering about who she will marry when she was a little girl. I used to wonder that stuff when I was a little boy. I'd be daydreaming somewhere and would think to myself, "I wonder where in the world my wife is right now?" I never got into that funky astrology stuff. I'm a Leo so I'm exempt from having to correctly pair with another astrological figure as we Leo's naturally can fit into any astrological sign simply by willing ourselves to do so.

If I had been able to look into the future back then while daydreaming as a little boy, I would have been horrified. You see, I have this powerful fear.... It's called abandonment. It is not a normal fear I don't think and it rules me to no end. I can't seem to get rid of it and it has become my albatross to bear.

Maybe I will try Dominique's Apple Twist Theory. She obviously gave up too early. I'm gonna just go down to Cricenti's and hang around the fruit counter all day till I get it right. I just got done with Statistics so I'll twist off something like fifty thousand Apple Stems and take a random sample of the letters I come up with, reject my null hypothesis and do a Chi square. I'll come up with a wife if it kills me. (unless I get busted for fruit assault - a class A felony in the U.S. "eh?") -Jeeem-


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