Sunday, January 20, 2002

Oh man . . . .I'm fulluv piss and vinegar today!

Who comes up with those hygiene product names? Seriously! I was thinking of it after strolling through the local Rite Aid the other day. Casually, I'm coursing through the long array of feminine products, amazed that a whole isle can be devoted to maxi, super maxi, thin, extra thin, extra-thin super absorbent, extra-thin super absorbent with wings, super maxi thins with wings, and the list goes on. Shelves and shelves of this stuff. Then I came to the feminine hygiene products.

VAGISIL. God help us.

Can you imagine a bunch of men sitting around a huge table in a New York marketing firm, high atop the city, in three-piece business suits, saying, "What are we going to call it?"

Then some young preppy type scribbling on a yellow notepad looks up with a sly grin on his face and says, "I've got it! Let's call it VAGISIL."

Pan to the other sly grins popping up around the table . . . . and suddenly it is unanimous.

Jesus. Imagine . . . "PRICE CHECK ON VAGISIL ISLE SIX!" There couldn't have been a woman on that board. No way.

Summers Eve? Now that was a decision made by women. Men NEVER would have come up with that.

What about CRUEX? A panel of women in business suits, most newly divorced and currently involved in child custody suits. You think? Gotta be. -Jeeem-


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