Tuesday, April 01, 2003

This is a "RIBBON BURNER."

I have just authorized the purchase of not just ONE, but SEVENTEEN of them! (You never know when you'll need a ribbon burner...)

You see, for those of you who are confused, I got a call from Annie on the phone this morning.....

"Hi Jeeem! I am calling you from work."

"Hi Annie! From work?" (suddenly realizing that it was near midnight in Kuala Lumpur)

"Yes! I am training someone here." Suddenly it dawned on me....I had received an e-mail from Annie yesterday telling me that she would be working a sixteen hour shift because it is the end of the month. She sounded tired on the phone and reasonably so. We discussed my travel plans to China and Annie told me of a TEFL school near her home, which is more affordable than the one I am looking into. Suddenly, our conversation was cut short as her phone card ran out of time, an event we are used to by now.

So, I e-mailed her to "finish" our conversation. I received an e-mail from her a little later, telling me....

"I can barely open my eyes right now," as she was so tired. Then a couple minutes later, I got an e-mail from Annie, addressing me by another name and asking permission to purchase a ribbon burner.

Feeling powerful, I "authorized" the purchase of seventeen of them.

I love starting International Incidents....

Get some sleep Annie!!!!



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