Monday, June 17, 2002

So, I'm talking with Eve last night on Net2Phone and razzing her about her British/Australian/Irish/Afrikaans accent that she says she doesn't possess.....

Afterwards she goes through her rebuttal of, "Ye sound American Jeeem!"

No shit Sherlock.

So, we are rambling on amidst our occasional fervid convictions for one another when the conversation turns to Yeba Mate. This stuff works wonders Eve claims. You see, she has several secrets she holds tight to her bosom that allow her a warrant to youthfulness. Yeba Mate is only one of them. Onions and sugar and a garlic clove a day add to the picture, but we will save those noxious concoctions for another time....

So, while chatting with Eve, I run a Google Search of Yeba Mate and what do I find on the second search page? Eve's Blogger link! Seriously! She didn't believe me at first and thought me to be tugging at her pretty leg. Never! I can't understand why she would think such a thing! Sure enough! There in black and white (or blue and white depending on your screen) was a link for her blog! That's cool. The only thing we can figure is she mentions Yeba Mate so often that Google must have picked it up.

Eve's sending me some to try. Wonder if I'll have to change my sobriety date? Heh, heh....



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