Thursday, May 09, 2002

I have determined that stress is a necessary part of my life. I don't necessarily like it either. Well then, that said, I will have another cup of coffee to send my nerves to attention and build my adrenaline reserves to new heights.

I recently sat in the lobby of a mental hospital. No, not as a patient or even a prospective patient. I was there on business.

The person I was there to see was late. I became irritated until I dismissed that feeling, telling myself to chill and just enjoy the moment.

Enjoy the moment? In a mental hospital?

Well, I did. It was very entertaining actually. The clincher was sitting there WONDERING what it would be like to shuffle around all day, seemingly without a care in the world, drool dripping onto my tee-shirt, awaiting my next medication regimen and my next meal. Kinda like One Flew Over the Cuckcoo's Nest in real life. Interestingly enough, I found my self romancing the thought.

I'm going back Friday morning and actually looking forward to it.



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