Saturday, April 09, 2011

Sometimes you see something that just gives you the shivers and brings up enough emotion that it brings a tear to your eye.  It doesn't have to be anything sad or heartwarming...the video you're about to see isn't any of that.  

It's just a bunch of fairly talented young people having fun on a playground and believe me...there's surely a great deal of talent in this video.  

For me, I suppose it was a mixture of amazement and most likely the music, which is a tune that I've always liked...but this brought out a lot of emotion in me and I found I was rather disappointed the video was so short.

They all just seem to be having so much fun with it!  Every single one of the jumpers added so much to this video...

...From the two chubby gals to the guy who somersaults into the middle and then the blond who just sorta runs through...

...Then, if you pay attention to the left side of your screen, there's an elderly lady sitting there that the blond sorta gives a quick gesture to...who promptly gets up and moves after the guy on the bike comes through.'s like she's saying, "Well, if they're gonna start driving bicycles through there, I'm outta here!"  

Just awesome!

Hope you enjoyed it!



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