Saturday, March 29, 2003

Laowai Jeeem

It's kinda difficult for me to see myself as a teacher, let alone a teacher in China, but it's gonna happen. I recently followed a link here and there and stumbled upon a website for the Boland School in Feng Xian, Xu Zhou, Jiang Su province - about 500 km from Shanghai, China. They offer an intensive four week course for the international and Chinese TEFL, which would be a real door opener as far as employment is concerned.

All I do is register with them, fly to Shanghai, take a mini bus to Feng Xian and get started. I've checked a couple of references from graduates of the school who recommend it highly. One of the references was/is like teaching experience what-so-ever and she is doing fine. So, I'm gonna do it. The school places their graduates in jobs, should I chose to go that route but then I'm also working through an agency in Beijing called China Services International who places teachers.

The house sale is moving along at snail pace, the first buyer having backed out. Two showings today so I'm packing up and going up to the upper part of Smith River to walk and listen to my mp3 tunes until they are gone. I'm selling stuff left and right and my hope is to walk out of here with only a couple of boxes in the back of the truck. Selling all my stuff and throwing the rest away is a tough venture. But, like George Carlin says, "It's just stuff! Wherever you go, you drag "STUFF" with you and then when you get there, you just pick up more 'STUFF."

Can't take the crap to the grave with me, so mainly I'm just keeping my clothes, some pictures (memories), my laptop (of course), some books (what I don't sell at Amazon) and my cats. Although it's workable to take the kitties with me, it is a royal hassle and they end up in quarantine for a month. Besides, I've heard that song by Weird Al Yankovic called, "Cat in the Kettle."

I'm busy lately with all that is going on and I'm into the third week of my new exercise regimen of doing my warm-up and stretching exercises and walking 2.3 miles a day. I'm feeling full of energy lately, which is good. Life has some interesting twists to it sometimes and personally, I enjoy mine. Some people think I'm nuts but then most of them have hardly been out of New Hampshire.

More updates to follow.....stay tuned!



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