Tuesday, August 13, 2002

Today I told the boss I was quitting work early and going home.

"Why?" he said.

"The heat" I said.

Then, somewhere along the way I got the bright idea to purchase an air conditioner. I think it was somewhere around the time it occurred to me that "home" was just as hot as "work" was. Today was not just hot, it was miserable. Sticky, exhausting, lumpy, slow heat. The kind that drains you quickly. So, I plucked out one of my few credit cards I haven't maxed and got on the phone to check the balance.

"Whoopie!" Enough to buy two air conditioners if I wanted! Cool! (no pun intended).

Problem was, EVERYBODY is sold out. EVERYONE. Wal-Mart has been sold out for a while. The Gilford store has four of them, but they are the GAZILLION Btu ones that make icicles form on your eyebrows and only plug into a 220 volt socket. Even the famous HOME DEPOT is out of them...all of the stores.

By the way, that is the first time I've been to a HOME DEPOT and I can see why the Tim the Toolman types love the place. Too much mass confusion for me though. Being home-fixer-upper dyslexic has something to say for itself. I think they have just about everything in that store.


After calling Louie to ask how many Btu his air conditioner was, he offered to sell me one. He has three of them.


Had three of them

So.....now I've got a six thousand Btu, remote control, super duper, refrigerated, cool air thingamajig that is just about the best purchase I've ever made. I can feel it on my back as I type this. Whew! What a relief. The thought crossed my mind to even bring the thing into work tomorrow. It's not really that heavy. We'll see.

Stay cool folks!



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