Monday, August 05, 2002


Neophyte Psychology major to Dr. Sigmund Freud:

"Dr. Freud, do you realize that the banana you're smoking is a phallic symbol?"

...Dr. Freud takes a long draw on his banana, extracts it from his mouth and thoughtfully looks at his banana before replying......

"Ah you seely lad, sometimes a banana is just a banana."


At least that's what I thought....a banana is just a banana.

Until reading an e-mail link sent to me by Annie.

It seems banana's (Pisang) are either,

Pisang mas
Pisang rastali
Pisang berangan
Pisang raja
Pisang abu
Pisang awak
Pisang nanka
Pisang tandok

cripes! A banana isn't just a banana anymore!

I sampled LEPAT PISANG (Steamed banana parcels) when I was staying in Mindanao and thought I was eating a snack made with plantain...perhaps I was. Little kids run about holding these rather bland snacks in their stubby little hands, peeling away the banana leaf to get at the pasty, starchy treat. I didn't much care for them but then my taste buds had been raked through the coals at this point, having sampled raw sea urchin, barong sauce and other fine Filipino delights.

Is that a Banana, Bananier Nain, Canbur, Curro or Plantain in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?

The history of the banana and its tendency to produce mutations have resulted in an extensive number of varieties. When I began to search this subject, I became buried in information too numerous to mention here.

Too much banana info? Well, a banana aficionado never knows how much banana knowledge he or she might have to possess. There is always that emergency situation when a banana challenged individual attempts to make Goreng Pisang using a ripe pisang mas instead of an abu, a raja or an awak.

Silly fool.



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