Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I came {to Facebook}, I saw....and I quit {Facebook}.

Definitely not for me.  But, amidst subtle pressure, I joined and found that the only good thing about Facebook were the games.  I will sorely miss War Commander!

Most Americans are stuck in this lala world of peace and serenity, prayers and religious spouting, that I just couldn't stomach.  Many are so far gone in regards to reality, that it's pathetic and just reading their pathetic posts began annoying me to no end.  So, I'm out.  Back to my serene world of Jeeem's Quiet Musings!

Visited Immigration today for my 90-day check.  In and out in a flash, which is so much better than my experiences of the past.  I'm already scoping out other countries....China, Mongolia, Cambodia....as this is my last year in Thailand...I've got to scoot after April! 



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