Monday, November 01, 2010

Sorry about the "blowing" sound on the video...rather irritating.  It's the fan I had going on the kitchen table.  

As I write this post, this very minute, my house and the jungle surrounding it is inundated in flood waters.  I arose this morning to an e-mail from work saying school was canceled today due to the rains as it's been raining steadily for the past two days really and hasn't let up much.  I managed to get everything upstairs, and here I stay while looking out my window at the expanse of water...sorta like being in a boat.  

This is the second year this cottage has flooded.  The villagers told Mam when she was living here that they'd never seen it flood this high up the road until last year.  But, I figured it was coming since this has been a very wet monsoon season.  

I'm probably crazy for taking the little kitty in, but like I mention on the video...I'm a sucker for animals.  I knew the minute the little kitten approached my motorcycle, I'd be taking it home with me.  Trouble is my dog Puppy.  He's insanely jealous and it's going to take some careful management before he takes to the little girl.  

Work is going pretty good.  Songsaeng School is quite literally right down the road from me, taking me all of a whopping five minutes to get to school in the morning.  The kids are older, which is a switch for me, but they all seem pretty nice and respectful for the most part.  I really hope this job becomes a permanent one.  

Well, not much else to say except I'm planning on just riding out the storm and once everything recedes, jumping on the cleanup as quickly as possible.  I'm lucky so far, as nobody's cut the power yet...sending me into boredville.  



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