Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hey Gang!
Got some ideas brewing here! Please tell me what you think.
I’ve been considering making this blog a collaborative work in progress.

This means I (as current administrator / author) authorize all of you authoring rights and anyone can post on this blog at any time about anything.

Kinda like we’re all at a small party, slightly tipsy, and mulling around chatting with one another…

What do you think?
Please either e-mail me your ideas, or leave comments on the site.

Thanks, the Jeeemeister


radioguitar said...

Hey Jim,
I coulda sworn I posted a comment here for you, but it's not here now - did you get it?

Jeeem said...

Hey Chris,

Nope. Never got it. But definitely got this one (obviously). My comments section is not via, it's from another client as Mr. Paranoid here felt Google had control of enough of my life. Nobody has left any comments before I switched to this new format, so maybe you just shook the cobwebs off the thing? :)


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