Tuesday, October 12, 2004

My pals Ernest and Dwayne...


Just what is ugly?

Aimee is wrestling with this subject as I speak...My opinion? Ugly is as ugly feels (or something like that)....

Ernest describes himself as:

"Better looking than most, however I don't broadcast this"

whereas Dwayne states:

"I'd describe myself as 'irresistible' but I keep em' at bay cause of my dirty shirt."

You see, both these guys see themselves as "a touch above the rest" so....no matter what "society" says, they are at one (and above) with their looks!

I mentioned to them that "society" considered them "UGLY" and this is their response:

Ernest: "Well, Society can just *iss my *oyal *ss!"

Dwayne: "Snivelling *sswipes...what the hell do they know? They can *uck my *ick."


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