Tuesday, July 09, 2002

This is a Durian Fruit.

The Durian Fruit is the worst smelling fruit in the world, according to popular opinion.

For those of you not familiar with the fruit, I will begin a story about this odd, Southeastern Asia Fruit that is now being imported into various corners of the world and what my connections are to the foul smelling delicacy.

I was first introduced to the name when I was staying with the Caybot family in Barobo, Surigao Del Sur in Mindanao, Philippines. My friend's brother was telling me about it and decided he would take a trip to Davao City to pick one up so he could introduce me to it. Unfortunately (fortunately?) he did not make it back in time as I had already left on the ferry to return to Manila.

Once I returned to the states, it seemed that Durian fruit would become my destiny, so-to-speak, as it's name promptly came up again. The second time Durian fruit was mentioned was by my good friend Anne Charmaine who lives in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia and works in Kuala Lumpur in the Petronas Towers...the tallest buildings in the world.

To be continued....



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