Wednesday, March 06, 2002

Yesterday I get a call from my neighbor Louie as I walked in the door. "Hey Jim! Gimme a call when you get in." So, I called him to say "Whazzap?"

"Have you eaten?" Louie asks.

"Not yet," I say.

"Don't eat nuthin! Ya like chicken parmigiana?"

"Uh...yeah, I guess."

"I'll be down in twenty minutes" (click)

Louie shows up twenty minutes later carrying a styrofoam container. I let him in and he takes out this HUGE dish of pasta and chicken parmigian, waving me off as I offer to dish him up some.

"Eat" he says. (I know the Italian term for eat. It's mangia. Thinking of it causes an old memory of a meal eaten with South Philadelphia family to pop into my head. I don't think anybody can eat as much or as well as Italian's can)

I ate.

Louie is a good guy. I reflect . . . . I have good neighbors. I am happy.

We discuss his family life in Massachusetts and I learn a little bit more about him. Louie is happy. Louie's ex-wife signed some legal papers yesterday that made him somewhat of a free man.

I am reaping the benefits.

Life is good. -Jeeem-


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